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The arborists at Mobile Tree Removal Services provide tree care in Mobile because we believe in preserving trees in the local area. Trees are an essential part of the environment. Therefore, we provide tree care services like trimming, pruning, shaping, planting and transplanting, and tree disease treatment.

For over 20 years, we have provided tree care and tree removal services in Mobile, Prichard, Saraland, Theodore, Spanish Fort, and Satsuma. We have served thousands of customers with our many services, including our popular emergency tree removal services. Our customers continue to provide us with top ratings for our quick and efficient work and excellent customer service.

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Get Rid Of Dead Tree Branches With Tree Trimming in Mobile

Tree trimming and tree pruning are very similar. Both of these techniques protect the structure of the tree. Tree trimming focuses on getting rid of old damaged or competing tree branches or limbs that can cause problems with the tree as it ages.

Besides protecting the tree itself, tree trimming also keeps branches from damaging power lines and obstructing your view, especially as you enter and exit driveways. It also keeps the limbs from damaging your home or causing injury. Tree trimming will even improve the aesthetics of your landscaping. 

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Protect Your Tree's Structure With Tree Pruning 

When trees aren't pruned, lack of pruning jeopardizes a tree's health over time. This is because tree branches that are not part of the tree's overall structure may experience overgrowth and weaken parts of the tree. Pruning is like removing weeds in a garden. It is taking away those limbs and branches that could potentially compromise the entire tree earlier on before they ever become a problem. As a result, a tree is much healthier, safer, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Control How Your Tree Grows With Tree Shaping in Mobile

With tree shaping, our arborists can transform your landscape into works of art. We graft the trees together into various shapes that improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Using arborsculpture techniques, we shape and brace young, malleable trees together for about a year until they form the desired shape.

As they grow, they will continue to grow in the shape in which we molded them. A typical shape that customers like is an arch, but our skilled arborist can also create other designs.

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The Importance of Tree Planting & Transplanting 

Although trees seem like mere decorations in your yard, they are more than just aesthetically pleasing objects. They are critical to the environment, providing the oxygen we need to breathe, regulating climate and controlling temperatures, providing shade, and more. Our devoted arborists keep trees alive and well with our tree care in Mobile. If your tree is healthy, but it has outgrown the space it's in, removal isn't the only option. We can transplant your tree to a much better place on your property, ensuring that it gets proper sun and nutrients from the soil.

Because we know the importance of trees, we also encourage customers who have few trees on their business or residential property to plant trees. They not only look good and help the environment, but they may also provide economic benefits. For example, proper shading from trees may reduce the overpowering summer heat, keep your property cooler, and reduce energy bills.

If you aren't quite ready to let go of the beautiful trees on your property, we may be able to help. Consider transplanting your trees instead of removing them. Learn more about our services and get your FREE quote today.

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Improve Your Curb Appeal With Shrub Trimming in Mobile

Some people fail to take proper care of their shrubs and hedges. As a result, bushes may grow wildly or become discolored. When they aren't properly maintained, they can also become a habitat for insects that not only destroy the bush but can also start to destroy parts of your home.

If your bushes are unkempt or are turning colors that have nothing to do with the season, we can help. Our experts can trim your bushes properly and provide the necessary treatments to bring your shrubs back to life. As a result, you will have a much more beautiful landscape. You will also prevent insects like spider mites, borers, and aphids from destroying your shrubs.

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Protect The Structure of Weak Trees With Cabling & Bracing 

When trees aren't properly trimmed and pruned when they are younger, they may develop problems as they grow. One major problem that occurs during a tree's development is a tree crotch in which a tree develops in a V or Y-shaped pattern. As it is left to grow, the canopy of the tree may get weak. As a result, the base of the tree can't support the top of the tree. In some cases, the tree's structural integrity may be compromised, and we may have to remove it to prevent it from collapsing, especially after a storm. However, sometimes, we may use cables and braces on compromised trees to strengthen them.

If you don't want to get rid of your tree on your property, we can look at it to see if cabling or bracing it will help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and to get a free quote on tree cabling in Mobile.

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The Benefits of Tree Disease Treatment in Mobile

Have you noticed that your tree is drooping or the leaves are dying in one area of your tree? Your tree may be suffering from a tree disease or infested with insects. Dying trees attract insects and fungi, but their presence doesn't mean that your tree is dead. We may be able to treat your tree with proper injections to remove the fungi and insects and restore your tree to health.

Does your tree need tree disease treatment in Mobile? Contact us today to learn more and to get a FREE quote on our services.

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