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Many residential and commercial customers turn to us for our outstanding tree removal services. However, some hesitate to get tree stump removal in Mobile. A few of our customers may hesitate due to additional costs. But most of our customers don't get tree stump removal because they don't think it is necessary. Once the whole tree is removed, the threat is gone.

While it may be true that the initial threat of collapse is no longer a problem once we remove your tree, a tree stump can still cause issues on your property. This is why we encourage our customers to get tree and stump removal to avoid future problems.

For over 20 years, our expert arborists have safely removed unhealthy trees and stumps from numerous residential and commercial properties. For our outstanding tree care and removal services, we have become one of Mobile's most trusted tree care companies.

Why don't you join our growing list of delighted customers in Mobile and the surrounding areas? Call Mobile Tree Removal Services today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote on this essential service.

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Advantages of Stump Removal

Some of our customers opt-out of getting stump removal in Mobile because they don't see the harm in keeping the stump on their property. Some customers dream up creative ways to incorporate tree stumps into their property. However, keeping a tree stump on your property may do more harm than good over the long term. So here are some advantages of getting rid of a tree stump on your property as soon as possible.

  • It prevents wood-destroying pests from eventually infesting your home.
  • Tree stump removal in Mobile prevents guests from falling and injuring themselves.
  • It ensures that the tree and the roots won't continue to grow, causing future problems.
  • Tree stump removal can provide much-needed space for other activities in your yard.

Still not convinced that you need tree stump removal in Mobile? Call one of our tree experts to discuss this issue further and get a free estimate on this critical tree removal service.

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Get Tree Stump Removal in Mobile Now To Prevent Pests

Of all the reasons you need to consider getting tree stump removal, pest prevention is one of the most important ones. Abandoned tree stumps or a haven for some of the most destructive pests. Wood boring beetles, carpenter ants, termites, and mice are drawn to stumps on your property.

Once these pests destroy the tree stump on your property, they will look for more wood to destroy. This could be wood fences located on your property or your house itself. In either case, getting rid of this infestation could cost a substantial amount of money. Not only will you have to pay to get rid of the pest problem, but you will also have to repair the damages.

Don’t let an old tree stump attract destructive pests to your home! Call now to learn more about tree stump removal in Mobile, AL, and get your free quote. 

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Why You Should Choose Us to Remove Your Stump

Are you looking for a safe, affordable tree care company that is in tune with what residential and commercial customers around mobile need? Then look no further than the pros at Mobile Tree Removal Service.

For over 20 years, we have been delivering outstanding service in the local area. Each of our arborists use safe, up-to-date techniques to care for and remove trees from your property. We are certified and insured. So, you can rest assured that your tree care is in good hands. We remove all types of trees, no matter how big or small. We also remove tree debris from your property in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Are you a local business or resident who needs tree care or removal services in Mobile? Call today to learn how we can help and get a free estimate for one of our dynamic tree services. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our tree blog.



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"Tree trimming is typically an expensive service in my eyes. Mobile Tree Removal Services gave me a quote for way less than other companies quoted me for. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. They are experts at their craft. My trees look so much healthier now that they're groomed. Thanks again!"
- Kurt C.

Keep Your Yard Beautiful With Our Tree Services

Stump removal in Mobile isn’t the only way that we can make your yard beautiful and increase the space on it. Our tree experts also offer other extraordinary tree care and removal services to improve your curb appeal and keep you safe. Are you tired of not being able to see as you back out of your driveway? Your shrubs or overhanging tree limbs may need trimming. Are you worried that your odd-shaped tree may eventually collapse due to overgrowth of branches in the canopy? We can use our cabling or bracing services to protect the tree or remove it entirely. For more information on which tree removal services are right for you, call to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate today!

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