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Our Tree Root Removal Service in Mobile, AL

Do you keep calling the plumber to fix problems with your home's pipes but not getting the results you deserve? Then, you may not have a plumbing issue. Instead, you may have tree root issues. Hence, you may need tree root removal in Mobile to stop the damage to your underground pipes.

Tree roots need a lot of room and space to grow. Unfortunately, they can start to destroy critical parts of your home, such as your underground pipes and your foundation. They can even buckle your driveway or sidewalk. Even if your tree has been removed, the remaining tree roots can still cause considerable damage as they continue to grow deeper into the soil.

Don't let runaway tree roots destroy your home! Call our tree experts at Mobile Tree Removal Services today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on tree root removal.

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Advantages of Tree Root Removal

Are tree roots a threat to your property, even if the tree has been cut down? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Even if we have removed your tree from your property, the remaining stump could still cause problems on you or your neighbor's property. Just because it appears dormant doesn't mean that it is. The tree's roots can still burrow further into the soil. And if the stump remains, it can also cause a host of problems on your property. Here are some critical reasons you should get root removal in Mobile.

  • Keeps pests away
  • Stops the spread of disease throughout your lawn
  • Prevents roots from damaging your foundation or pipes underground
  • Keeps sidewalks from buckling
  • Minimizes soil shifting, which could cause foundation problems
  • Prevents slip and fall injuries
  • Makes your lawn beautiful and more manageable

Are you ready to eliminate those pesky roots from your lawn once and for all? Call one of our expert arborists today to discuss your options and get a FREE quote on tree root removal in Mobile, AL. 

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Remove Tree Roots Before They Destroy Your Pipes or Foundation

Some homeowners may get our tree removal service but opt to keep the stump in the ground. Of those who keep the stump on their property, some eventually get it removed while others decide to keep it. Unfortunately, keeping stumps or tree roots on the property is not a good idea.

When arborists fell trees, the remaining stump may continue to grow. As a result, some trees may regrow new trees. Others grow weeds and fungus while continuing to spread their roots in the soil. Unfortunately, remaining roots can encroach on your or your neighbor's property, causing damage to the foundation or the piping. So, instead of allowing stumps with roots to remain on your property, it is a good idea to get tree root removal in Mobile.

To learn more about this critical service and get a quote, call one of our knowledgeable arborists today!

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Replace Your Tree with Our Tree Service Company

Removing a tree on your property can make your lawn feel pretty empty. Additionally, cutting tree roots in Mobile can leave a massive void on your land. So, if you miss the beautiful tree on your property and want to replace it, we can help! Here are some reasons you should consider replacing the tree on your property after removal.

  • Trees add value to your property
  • You can benefit from the shade that trees provide
  • Trees offer a place of solitude on your property
  • You can rely on trees to help regulate the temperature in your home
  • Trees help improve your overall landscaping

Although we must cut dangerous trees down to prevent injury and damage to your property, our tree company can also plant trees or bushes on your property. If you don't want your yard to feel empty, we can plant trees or bushes near the tree that you removed. 

Are you tired of looking at that barren spot on your property where a beautiful oak used to stand? Well, we can provide you with a new tree. Call today to get a FREE quote on tree planting in Mobile. Also, don't forget to check out our tree blog



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Do you want to build a swimming pool on your property? Or do you want to make space for another addition such as a tennis or basketball court? Getting our lot and land clearing services will clear the trees and vegetation from your land to get it ready for development. This is just one of the excellent tree removal services we provide. Additionally, we provide emergency tree removal, trimming, pruning, shaping, and much more. Call today to learn more about our services and get a FREE estimate.

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