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The tree experts at Mobile Tree Removal Services provide tree care and tree removal in Mobile to both residential and commercial customers. Our certified arborists provide the utmost attention and care to ensure our customers' safety and promote the growth and sustenance of trees in the local area. We provide several services, including trimming, pruning, shaping, planting, transplanting, disease treatment, and more. Our arborists also respond quickly to customers with tree emergencies.

Do you need tree removal in Mobile or neighboring cities? Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding tree services and get a FREE estimate. Also, don't forget to check out our informative tree service blog. 

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Should You Get Tree Care Services or Tree Removal in Mobile?

Trees Are Important to Your Landscape But Could Be Dangerous

It may not be easy for homeowners to decide whether they need tree removal in Mobile, AL. It takes the expertise of a trained arborist to know whether a tree can benefit from tree care.

In a short time, arborists will inspect the trees on your property and determine whether or not they can benefit from trimming, pruning, disease treatment, or one of our other excellent services. In some cases, you may need tree removal to keep your valuables, your family, and your guests safe. If we recommend tree removal in Mobile, it is best that you act right away. Failure to do so could result in tree collapse.

Don't let trees on your property become a hazard! Instead, contact us today to get a FREE quote on tree removal in Mobile.

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Our Types of Tree Removal in Mobile, AL

Don't Risk Injury From Fallen Trees

One of the most common causes of fallen trees in Mobile is strong winds from storms. However, there are times when a light breeze can knock a tree down on your property. This is primarily because the tree on your property isn't healthy. Pests and fungus can attack a tree, especially those struck by lightning. As a result, the unhealthy growths and infestations can damage the tree's structure, making it easy to fall.

If you are experiencing a tree emergency in which a tree has fallen on your house or car, call us right away at (910) 807-4544 to get emergency tree removal. Otherwise, if your fallen tree doesn't pose a threat but is simply making your landscape look bad, call us to schedule fallen tree removal in Mobile AL.

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The Hidden Dangers of Small Tree Removal in Mobile AL

The saying goes, "some of the biggest things come in small packages." Unfortunately, some of the biggest problems are contained in these small trees. For instance, the roots of small trees can cause a lot of damage to the foundation of your home. They could also buckle your sidewalk or driveway.

Another problem with certain small trees is that they could attract destructive pests. For instance, cottonwood trees may become exceptionally beautiful once they mature. Unfortunately, they attract many bugs that can damage other parts of your landscape.

So, if you have a small tree on your property that is causing more harm than good, call out our arborists and get a quote on small tree removal in Mobile.

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Why You May Need Large Tree Removal

Large trees can be very beneficial to your property for many reasons. For one, they may provide an extensive amount of shade from the large branches and limbs. This natural benefit can help lower the temperatures on your property, enabling you to save on energy bills.

Although it can be advantageous to have large trees on your property, if those trees are unhealthy, they can pose a tremendous threat to your safety in your property. Not only can a large tree falling cause an enormous amount of damage but also falling branches and limbs can be just as destructive.

If you worry about a large tree on your property, call us today to schedule an inspection. One of our expert arborists will come out and examine your tree to determine if it is safe. If it is not, the arborists will recommend Mobile large tree removal.

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Get Emergency Tree Removal After a Storm in Mobile

Mobile gets a fair share of tornadoes and hurricanes each year. Strong winds can uproot trees and toss them around in the wake of these storms, causing substantial damage to residential and commercial property. The experts at Mobile Tree Removal Services work quickly and diligently to clean up after the storms to keep customers safe and help restore normalcy.

Storms aren't the only threat to trees and Mobile, however. Sometimes trees can become structurally damaged by fungus, pests, and lack of pruning and trimming. When such trees aren't removed, something simple as a light, consistent breeze can blow them down.

If storms have damaged your trees or they don't look healthy due to structural compromise caused by fungus or pests, don't delay emergency tree removal. Call us today at (910) 807-4544!

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Do You Need Your Oak Tree Removed?

Oak trees can live up words of 300 years. So it is quite possible that the mature oak tree on your land is the same tree that was around when your ancestors owned your property. Although these trees can survive some of the strongest wind gusts when they're healthy, they are subject to collapse when they're not.

One of the greatest threats to oak trees is Phytophthora ramorum. It turns the leaves brown and eventually causes substantial leaf loss. Additionally, oak borers can also weaken the structure of oak trees and kill the tree.

If you want to salvage your oak tree, we provide various tree treatments designed to save your tree. However, if the damage is severe, we may recommend oak tree removal in Mobile. Contact us today to have expert arborists inspect your tree and determine the best course of action for your oak tree.

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Our Tree Care and Removal Service Areas Near Mobile

The tree experts at Mobile Tree Removal Services have provided residents and businesses in Mobile and the surrounding Alabama areas of Prichard, Saraland, Theodore, Spanish Fort, and Satsuma with outstanding tree care and removal services for over 20 years. Our services include trimming, pruning, cabling, bracing, tree disease treatments, and more. 

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