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"Tree trimming is typically an expensive service in my eyes. Mobile Tree Removal Services gave me a quote for way less than other companies quoted me for. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. They are experts at their craft. My trees look so much healthier now that they're groomed. Thanks again!"
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Offering Only the Best Tree Services in Mobile, AL

Trimming and pruning for your trees and shrubs
Tree removal and emergency tree service
Land clearing for residential, commercial and agricultural uses

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Our experts love trees and care about their preservation
We earnestly want to protect clients homes with professional tree services
We love our city and want to keep the greenery beautiful

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Our Tree Removal Company is Comprised of Experienced Arborists - Serving Mobile, AL

Our company, Mobile Tree Removal Services, believes in preserving the trees in Mobile and surrounding Alabama cities. We offer many tree care services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, shrub trimming, tree planting, tree transplanting, and cabling and bracing. We also offer tree care and protection such as disease treatments injections and pest control.

Although preserving trees is one of our top priorities, there are times when trees can be a hazard, and the only option is to remove them. We offer tree cutting, root removal, limb and branch removal, stump removal, shrub removal, and fallen tree removal services. We also offer commercial tree services such and land clearing. Mobile Tree Removal Services has operated in Mobile, Prichard, Saraland, Theodore, Spanish Fort, and Satsuma, Alabama for 20 years. The highly skilled arborists at our tree removal company are ready to assist you with your tree service needs.

Call to speak with one of our tree service professionals about your tree care or removal needs. We will provide a free estimate and assessment for tree service in Mobile, AL!

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Tree Care and Removal Services You Can Depend On

Improve Your Yard or Land With Our Tree Services

Our reliable and friendly arborists want to help you make your residential property or business property beautiful by trimming and pruning healthy trees and removing the dead and diseased ones. Tree experts specialize in the following types of services.

Tree Removal

If you have dead trees on your property, we will come out and inspect them and provide you with an estimate for tree removal. We also remove dangerous branches and limbs and tree stumps.

Tree Care

Our tree technicians specialize in tree care in Mobile, too. Our unique tree care services include everything from tree shaping to cabling & bracing and tree transplanting. 

Land Clearing

We can help residential and commercial builders with clearing land of trees and foliage from to prepare for construction. We also remove land for agricultural purposes.
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How Our Tree Service Mobile AL Process Works

Mobile Tree Removal Services has operated in Mobile and the surrounding communities of Prichard, Saraland, Theodore, Spanish Fort, and Satsuma, Alabama, for 20 years.  What sets us apart from amateurs and our competitors is our professional processes.  Below is how our tree service in Mobile, AL process works.  

Step 1


The most crucial step in the tree service process is to schedule an appointment for one of our highly skilled arborists to look at the trees' health on your residential or business property. We will educate you on the ins and outs and answer any questions you may have about our tree services.
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Step 2


We like to get to the root of the problem. Therefore, the next step is to inspect your landscape. When our tree professionals come to your home or your business, we examine the tree that you are concerned about and all the trees on the property. We may perform tests such as soil analysis, and we also check for the presence of pests and disease.
Step 3


Tree services costs vary by the job and the labor involved. The range can be anywhere from under a hundred for simple trimming to well over a thousand for tree removal. To be precise, one of your arborists will assess your tree service in Mobile, AL needs and provide an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Service in Mobile

Most homeowners only contact arborists for emergency tree removal, usually after a storm.  But did you know that there are other reasons that you should use an arborist?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you have additional questions, we've provided our tree service blog as a resource to you.

The branches and limbs on the tree in my yard keep falling off. Does this mean that this tree is dead and should be removed?

Just because limbs and branches keep falling off a particular tree doesn't mean that it is dead. However, it does indicate that something isn't right. There could be termites present, or there could be a disease in the tree. Treating these problems can salvage the tree, so you won't have to eliminate the tree. To know for sure what's wrong with your tree, contact one of our tree experts for an inspection.

My shrubs are turning brown. Should I have them removed?

There could be several reasons why your shrubs are turning brown. It could be that they are not getting enough water, or they may be getting too much water. But brown shrubs do now mean that they are dead. Proper treatment could bring them back to life. One of our tree experts will inspect the shrubs and determine the best course of action.

My tree roots are growing above ground. Is this a problem?

Exposed roots may not necessarily be a problem, but their exposure could present a risk. They could be a trip hazard, or they could get damaged by machinery like lawnmowers. Exposed roots could also cause damage to your driveway or sidewalk in the long-term. The best way to address your exposed roots is to have one of our experts to inspect them to determine if they are problematic.

More About Our Tree Removal Services

One of the most common tree services that customers call us for is tree removal. Many of our customers require emergency tree removal after a storm. However, these aren’t the only Mobile tree removal services that we offer. We're specialists in shrub removal and stump removal as well.

FAST Tree Cutting Services in Mobile

Trees are wonderful and provide a lot of shade on sunny days. However, when a tree is no longer useful, it could become harmful to have it on your property. If a tree is dead, then you risk the possibility of it toppling over on your home or your property, particularly during a storm. Therefore, it should be removed. If your tree is not growing upward and instead is growing at an angle that could damage your property, this could be a good reason to remove it, too. 

Even if the tree looks fine, there could be internal decay or some other infestation that could cause it to fall, which is another reason to cut it down. It is critical to have an arborist inspect the trees on your property every three to five years to see if they are still healthy. 

Do you need tree cutting in Mobile, AL or the surrounding areas? Call one of our certified arborist for a free inspection and estimate.
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Tree professionals cutting a tree in Mobile, AL
Tree root removal in Mobile, AL

Why is Tree Root Removal Necessary?

Usually, tree roots aren’t a problem because they grow under the surface. However, if the tree roots grow above ground, they can be a problem. This overgrowth above ground is usually caused by soil erosion, leaving the roots exposed. Not only is this massive growth of roots unsightly, but it can also be dangerous, particularly for little children playing in the yard.

The overgrown roots can also cause your home's foundation problems if it is located close to it. If the tree is still healthy, it's best to preserve the tree and remove the overgrown roots. A professional arborist should do this because cutting the roots has to be done so that it doesn’t harm the tree's growth. If tree root removal is not completed, it could cause significant damage to the tree resulting in a collapse in the future.

If you would like to have tree root removal in Mobile, AL, contact one of our tree service professionals for a free inspection and estimate.
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Our Limb & Branch Removal in Mobile is a Cut Above the Rest

Trees are always growing, and as a result, tree overgrowth may be problematic for homeowners. One of the most annoying problems that tree growth can cause is damage to the home. Branches may drop on the roof, causing shingles to fall off. A branch may knock up against a window and cause it to break. Limbs and branches may even cause the gutters to become unattached from the house.
Another problem with overgrown trees is that they can get tangled up in the wires on the property, which could cause a fire or some other hazard. 

Are you worried about tree branches and limbs wreaking havoc on your property? Call one of our tree professionals today for your free estimate on limb and branch removal.
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An arborist removing limbs and branches in Mobile, AL
Tree professionals removing a stump in Mobile, AL

Don't Get Stumped! Get Stump Removal.

Stumps seem like a harmless part of a tree. Some homeowners even find innovative ways to make a tree stump useful in the yard, such as seating, a stand for plants, and even a birdbath. We recommend that you get rid of your tree stump. You will be happy with how much space it will provide in the yard. Also, you won’t have to worry about it being a trip hazard. Two more important reasons for getting rid of a stump are that it can attract destructive insects such as termites and harbor dangerous plant life.

Do you require stump removal in Mobile? Contact one of our arborists for a free estimate.


Shrub Removal Brings Beauty Back to Your Landscape

Some homeowners may think of shrub removal as a DIY weekend project. However, these pesky plants can be more than a homeowner may bargain for when it comes to removal. Not only is it physically exhausting but leaving behind parts of the shrub can lead to other issues in the future. This is why it’s best to have a professional tree service remove your shrubs. 

Do you need tree shrub removal services in or near Mobile? Call one of our tree experts for a free quote.
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An arborist removing tree shrubs in Mobile, AL
Arborists doing commercial tree service in Mobile, AL

Reliable & Professional Commercial Tree Services

One common reason that we provide commercial tree services in Mobile is to provide beautiful landscaping in business districts. We plant trees, and we also maintain them. We also remove trees from the property so that it won’t become a hazard. Other commercial tree services include land clearing for building or agricultural purposes.

If you are a business in Mobile or the surrounding communities, contact Mobile Tree Removal Services for your free quote on commercial tree services.


Reach Out for Tree Service - Mobile, AL & Service Areas

Mobile Tree Removal Services has provided tree care, land clearing, tree removal, and emergency tree removal services in the greater Mobile area for 20 years. Our arborists offer free inspections and estimates. Below is a list of our Alabama service areas.

Spanish Fort
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